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Grant Assistance

jayhenri started this conversation

We are a couple of Octogenarian retirees married for 57 years.  My wife was a 40 year federal employee and I am an world war II veteran and  have been employed for  53 years for various companies and in various fields.  

 We have resided for 50 plus years in our present home which is probably about hundred years old.   While it has served us well over the years it is in need of some significant repairs. For instance weatherproofing, because most of the windows need to be replaced, the chimney/flue maintained. The outdoor drainage system needs to be unclogged.

We would like some assistance in obtaining a Home Improvement Grant to help us defray some of the costs of making these repairs.

Our annual income is about $32,000.00 so it is fairly obvious that it is not enough to consider even a low cost loan to manage any part of the needed improvements.

We sincerely thank you in adavnce for any suggestions and/or assistance you can give us.

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Rufus Annie
 in response to Rosie327...   I would love to do some more research about grants for senior citizen home repairs. I would really appreciate any help I can get in doing this
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I had to look that word up, you using those 50 cent words in a quarter conversation.Try:

1. number 64.114Veteran Housing Guaranteed and Insured Loan phone 202-273-7390 or 800-827-1000

2. 14.142 Proprty Improvement or call 800-767-7468

3. 14.108 Rehabilatation Mortagage Insurance 203k--the cost of the rehabilitation must be $5,000.00

4. 14.22 MortgageInsurance-Homes in Urban Renewal Areas 220 or call 1-800-HUDSFHA

5. 14.123 Mortgage Insurance-Housing in Older , Declining Areas 223e


7. forms found at  if you have disabilities 14.181 Supportive Housing for Persons with disabilities 811


9. or call 202-708-0317  (14.169)

11. If you live in a small city, or call 800-DOE=3732 if I knew your state I could give you your state agency.

That should give you something to go by for a while.if you need more assistance let me know.

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Here is a great program that helps seniors with home repairs - thsi link takes you to the contact page with a list of resources in case this program isn't available in your area.  Hope it helps!  Best wishes, Rosie


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